Industrial ultrasound assisted crystallization technology
More production uptime and controllability in various industrial application targets


Crystallization systems

From university research to a start-up company – ultrasound impact for crystallization systems on various process industries. Sonotecc is delivering new process enhancing technology to crystallization processes to bring our customers more production time, better process control and product quality improvement. Our ambitious and swiftly moving people are working for adding value to the customer’s production line. With the help of crystal clear vision of changing old industry standard technology to new levels from our supportive advisory board filled with technological and business operation superiority. 


Problem- Boring industrial standards


Inefficient crystallization in batch-wise processes

Long crystallization time (5-10h)

Only large crystals with different sizes

Hard to keep crystal yield optimal (>85%)

One-time tank reactors with mixers

Needs seed-crystallization to speed up the nucleation

Solution – Exiting new technology


The efficient continuous pipe-flow crystallization process

10 X Shorter crystallization time (10-20min)

Small crystals with the desired size

Crystal yield higher than standards (>95%)

Continuous with continuous US and slurry flow

No need for seed-crystallization

Usage targets – More than you know

Usage targets

Battery industry raw material producers

Sugar industry

Pulp industry

Chemical industry & API* producers for pharmacy

*Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. Used in drugs manufacturing.


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From University research to a start-up company – impact to various industries. In Finland, the Lappeenranta University of Technology´s LUT School of Engineering Science has conducted several years of research focused on separation and purification in process technology. One of these research programs was the application of ultra-sound assisted crystallization system called Sonotecc2. The technology is patented and was brought to creation by five professors in the LUT School of Engineering Science who combined over 50 years of study experience in the field of crystallization. The company acts under the thrust of investor and accelerator Green Campus Innovations.


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