From University research to a spin-off company – impact to various industries.

In Finland, the Lappeenranta University of Technology´s LUT School of Engineering Science has conducted a several years of research focused on separation and purification in process technology. One of these research programs was the application of ultra-sound assisted crystallization system called Sonotecc2.

Technology – origins from research by professors in separation technology

The technology is patented and was brought to creation by five professors in the LUT School of Engineering Science who combined over 50 years of study experience in the field of crystallization. The courage of two young international and polytechnical project researchers from the successful university research program of commercializing sonotecc2 ended to the form of business venture, Start-up which also can be called an authentic university Spin-off company.


Company acts under the thrust of investor and accelerator Green Campus Innovations and Business Finland. Sonotecc Oy

Helsinki & Lappeenranta