The world is no black and white, it never was.

Our team is packed with international talent from the very beginning. To born global you need to, well… born global! Our team consists of two young individuals desired to make their mothers proud at the end of the day as well as be respected and recognized professionals of their own discipline. Our greatest characteristic is the combination of business administration studies and process engineering studies.

Riku Kavén

Founder, COO, Chairman of the Board

Riku is responsible of Sonotecc Oy operative business affairs. Typically in start-up world including several responsibility areas such as Customer, Operative, Funding, Procurement and Human management.

Riku´s typical day is a mix of operative management tasks and searching for new opportunities. Riku thinks, that the communication is the best key to success and therefore lot of time is consumed in phone and email interactions.

Riku likes to spend free-time in Gym, Cottage and Fishing specially at summer time! Also great fan of american football.

Nnaemeka Ezeanowi

Co-Founder, CIPO, member of the board

Nnaemeka´s responsibilities are in the deep technology skillset required work of processing calculations, planning, and creation.

Nnaemeka´s normal working day is full of insightful work where research and commercialization collides. The deep research and detail-rich crystallization process are brought to the daylight with Nnaemeka´s growing expertise to help the company technological resources to the new levels for our potential customers!

Nnaemeka´s gets crazy when Nigeria is playing football. This time you should not dare to bother him.

Advisory board

Technology – Technological skillset is backed up by experienced professors from LUT School of Engineering and Science, who were the leaders of the research program for industrial crystallization with Sonotecc -device.

Business – For securing the rapid growth of Sonotecc Oy, there is a group of top-tier businessmen in the background to give their experience and know-how for our young ambitious Dream Team.


Helsinki & Lappeenranta