Cobalt and nickel are critical raw materials in the production of cathodes for the lithium-ion battery (LiB) market. These metals are used in the production of precursor materials, which are converted to cathode active material for use in the batteries. The battery industry requires nickel and cobalt to be supplied in specific chemical form for production of precursor material. In the case of both cobalt and nickel, this is generally in the form of hydrated metal sulphates (CoSO4.7H2O and NiSO4.6H2O)

Sonotecc – superior crystallization technology for nickel & cobalt sulphate

Sonotecc – technology is seeking to prove the superior enhancement of industrial vacuum crystallizers like DTB-crystallizer. Sonotecc technology can be installed in the sidestream to create controlled seeding to big industrial vacuum crystallizer to maintain production ongoing and prevent the boiling procedures which can last 10 hours at time.

Target audience to enhance significantly the operation of the industrial crystallizer in all battery material refineries. Several hundred million target market. 

Market Size: The future is bright for the target market, since the production system enhancement technology are paid by the rapidly growing end-user customers, battery manufacturers. Moreover, the battery manufacturing industry will be 10 times larger in 2030, so the demand for high efficiency in raw-materials processing is guaranteed in future.

Market players: Are the BatteryRaw Material manufacturers around the world. Finland invests heavily to build up more production sites that produces nickel-, cobalt-, and ammonium sulfate. See ANNEX Terrafame.

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