The incoming of battery raw-materials

Currently, we are planning to pilot our technology in the year 2019 in the battery industry raw-material production. It´s clear that electric vehicles are here to stay. Estimating that battery materials demand will grow rapidly and more efficient batteries with a different mix of raw materials are tested continuously. This requires better controlling and purity of raw-material processes, that why Sonotecc can have affect of a huge value to the raw-materials producers. Production saving and controllability that our technology provides will give the customer the competitive advantage in raw-material production.

We had company´s first little Christmas party – a Finnish Sauna and African food

As a start-up, you have to be creative when it comes to parties. This time our CIPO Nnaemeka was a first timer in Finnish traditional wooden sauna. The mix of cultures continued in the African restaurant where new habits of eating with hands came familiar to our COO Riku. The evening was fun and full of memories! Company hopes that the next year little Christmas party are doubled with staff, or at least the budget 😊

Start-up actions to prove us & the technology in the markets

Our current operating schedule is set to be full on internationalization actions, test-running the device and piloting with most potential customers. Ongoing actions continue at least to June 2018. Business Finland Tempo – granted project schedule includes international market probing with the pharmacy industry and API manufacturers. Some fund has been allocated to consumables, which in this point follows system automation and enhancing. With the main goal being bilateral in discussion with our potential customers to create a product that is ready for deployment in the industrial process.

Helsinki & Lappeenranta