Contract Research

We love bilateral conversation to understand your process needs. No pig in a bag, let us test first!

Test-runs are made with precision to tackle the crystallization problems of the customer. Contract Research provides customer with detailed report about how process case can be improved. There is various solutions to be crystallized, test-runs will help to find the perfect match solution to the process problem. After test-run its more safe to proceed in the real system enhancing.


Working with your company process managers to tailor the system for top performance.

Piloting is used for proving the industrial application capability. Piloting often takes place at customers process cite. Here all the actions are made towards the strategic added value to the customers process.

More production hours


Technology fee to ease up the budget fuzz.

The acquiring of our technology is based to the process and added value to the customer.

Continuous relationship

Continuous customer relationship to make things work better!

As our company grows and new solutions and product development are made on the way, the customer will be first to know.

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