Problem – current systems

Crystallization, a widely applied industrial production technology, is an effective and efficient separation, purification and fractionation method. Currently, crystallization processes of fine chemicals are mainly batch-wise processes using stirred tank reactors. Current process system includes several downsides, product losses can be significant, production is hard to keep optimal and continuous, product quality can be undesired, causing time consuming repeat of the process to gain the optimal level again.

Solution – Ultrasound assisted crystallization systems

Sonotecc is a continuous tube-flow ultra-sound assisted crystallization process, where equipment sizes are smaller and process conditions can be better controlled. Sonotecc produces first solid product for samples 5-10 times faster than current batch processes making it optimal for accurate fine chemicals production needed in various industries. The sonication facilitates attainment of desired crystal size and smooth-surface solid products. The result is a high-quality crystal product and an efficient process that can reach yields better than 95 %. Sonotecc enables; easy processing – no need for grinding, small equipment size, efficient process control, small production losses, good reliability, short crystallization time. The Sonotecc can be used for enhancing the current tank system by installing it to the side stream or replacing the current stirred tank reactor system.

Usage targets – More than you know

Crystallization as a process takes place in various industries. Here are few industries for example: Battery industry – sulphate crystallization. Fine chemistry – crystal product development in various targets production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Pulp chemicals. Food industry, sugars and salts. The list will be continued…. meanwhile, you can ask for our references.

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